New Year’s resolution: Raise awareness of Huntington’s disease

January is a long month. On the calendar it deviously disguises itself as an average 31 day month but this is clearly a lie! By this point in January, our New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside (let’s be honest, exercising every day was never going to happen) and it’s too easy to feel demotivated waiting an eternity for payday and sunlight past 4 o’clock.

However, if you resolve to do one thing this year, why not make your New Year’s resolution to raise awareness of Huntington’s disease!? Why not pick a resolution that will make things better not only for your own friends or family affected by Huntington’s disease, but better for the community as a whole in Scotland and even across the globe! 2019 is the year people learn about Huntington’s.

There are lots of small actions you can take which add up together and make monumental change – especially when we’re all working towards this mission together! It’s #youandmeagainstHD in practice!

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Tell your story!

If you living with Huntington’s disease in your family, you’re a warrior! You face challenges day-in, day-out that other people would never even consider. Your story is worth telling and this really is the most powerful way to help the general public understand this cruel condition. Whether you tell a couple of people who may not have come across HD otherwise, share it on Social Media, or decide to share it with the charity to share more widely it’s worth it. Have a look at Lauren’s story below..

If you want to share your story with SHA, please email

Become an SHA Ambassador!

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations we’re recruiting ambassadors that can represent SHA in their local area. This could be anything from giving a talk to a local rotary club, organising a social fundraising event, to nominating SHA for support from local business’s – each ambassador has full control over the activities they want to do!

Email for more information!

Fundraise for SHA!

Raising awareness is one of those great side effects of fundraising (there are many!). We have a full calendar of fundraising events including many external events that you can get involved in or you could even organise your own!

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